Here is the list of our popular violin models that we offer

*We carry all sizes from 4/4 to 1/16, and in certain models 1/32.

9B/140 Model

The 9B/140 model is our most inexpensive violin, perfect for student or adult beginners.
It has Cadenza Violins' signature body with a spruce top and maple back and sides. Like all our instruments, it is set up in-shop by our own luthier.
The 9B/140 model is strung with D'Addario ProArté strings.

10C/150 Model

The 10C/150 model is preferred for intermediate players.
It has higher grade spruce and maple on the body.
Another noticeable difference is the "flaming" of the maple on the back and sides.

17E Model

The 17E model is an advanced model teachers love for their students to have.
It has even higher quality spruce and maple known for its darker hue
and a more pronounced flaming.  
This model also has a slightly wider body that produces a brighter, more resonating tone.
The 17E model is strung with higher-quality Thomastik-Infeld Dominant strings.