We offer an assortment of bows for violins, violas, cellos, and basses
of differing materials to suit your bow preference.

Fiberglass Bows

The most affordable of our selection,
our fiberglass bows may be for beginners,
but its durability is a favorite
among musicians.

Carbon-Fiber Bows

Lightweight yet sturdy, the carbon-fiber bow is great for students and professionals alike. 
It is less susceptible to climate-related damage
compared to our wooden bows.

Brazilwood Bows

Compared to our fiberglass and carbon-fiber selections, Brazilwood bows brings out more of the natural tone of the instrument.

Pernambuco Bows

Made with higher quality Brazilian wood,  Pernambuco bows gives more ease for players to control their instrument's tone.

Coda Bow

Cadenza Violins is also an authorized retailer for Coda Bow, a pioneer in carbon fiber bow technology. We carry the Prodigy, NX, SX, and GX model bows for all instruments in shop but other models can be ordered at request.