What is Lutherie?

Lutherie (or luthiery) is the study and practice of making stringed instruments. It comes from the Old French word luth which means "lute," but more generally refers to all stringed instruments like violins and cellos. 


The customer will be given an estimate of the charges for the repairs by a luthier upon examination in the shop. No repairs will be accomplished without authorization of the customer.

      Our repairs include, but are not limited to:

                Installing new bridge/recut existing      
                  Installing new soundpost/reset existing
                      Installing new ebony pegs/recut existing  
     Regluing and repair fingerboard 
 Installing new ebony tailpiece 
       Installing new ebony chinrest        
Repairing cracks and openings


NOTE: Repairs for exceptionally-fine instruments may require additional charges. Varnish touchups, revarnishing, and complete restorations are also available. Estimates are made upon examination of the instrument.


Rehair bow with quality horse hair
•Install bone/plastic bow tip             
      •Install leather thumb grip                      
                •Install silver winding (thumb grip included)

NOTE: Repairs to fine bows may require additional charges. Additional bow repairs and restorations are offered. Estimates will be made upon examination of the bow.