Loyalty Program 

* Previously called "rent-to-own" program* 

Credit accumulation:
-100% of Base Rental Fee for first 10 months
-50% of Base Rental Fee for subsequent months until termination
-Applicable for current rental instrument or any upgraded instrument

Full description:
Renter will accrue a discount towards the purchase of their rental instrument (or a larger or upgraded model).  For the first 10 months of rent, this discount is 100% of the Base Rental Fee paid on the rental agreement, which does not include the Protection Plan and Sales Tax fees.  From the 11th month onward, additional discount accrued from rental will be 50% of the Base Rental Fee.

This accrued credit can only be applied for up to 80% of the purchase price of an instrument. This accrued credit also expires 10 days following the termination of the rental contract and cannot be held for future application.

Rental Policy Checklist

Renter Possession

Renter acknowledges that, prior to taking possession of outfit (instrument, case, and bow), the instrument and bow is in good playing condition and in good repair. Renter assumes full responsibility for rented outfit. 

To end rent, renter's instrument must be PHYSICALLY RETURNED to Cadenza Violins to be considered
removing recurring payments on renter's account.

Protection Plan 

This plan includes accidental damage, fire, and theft coverage on the instrument, bow, and case but NOT the strings. The Protection Plan will only be in effect with rental accounts having NO outstanding balance.

Payment Policies

Payment options include: 
I. VISA/Mastercard payment - Monthly rental fees will be automatically deducted from an authorized credit or debit card account by the 5th of each month. This process will continue for the duration of the rental of the instrument or until notification is received from the customer to discontinue payments. 
II. 10-Month cash/check deposit at the time of the rental - This monthly rental fee will be automatically deducted from this deposit by the 5th of each month. Customers will be notified in advance of the depletion of the deposit account and at this time, an additional cash/check deposit will be required if the rental is to continue. 

Billing is on the fifth of each month.

*Accounts that accumulate an overdue balance will be subject to a Late Charge of 1.8% of the amount due or $2.00 (whichever is greater), if payments are not received before the following month's due rent.

Other Policies

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Repair Policy
Purchase Policy and Warranty